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Monthly Archives: April 2021

"Green apple" Good products, good health

“Green apple” Good products, good health

Green apple Help you lose weight Reduce blood sugar, nourish the heart If anyone has ever heard the sentence that An apple a day keeps doctor away eating an apple a day. I do not have to go to the doctor, yes. Today we will introduce the benefits

"Surgery" is a personal happiness

“Surgery” is a personal happiness

Making the body beautiful is a normal thing for human beings. With the evolution of medicine leading to the age of surgery. Several years ago, our society had a negative attitude towards people who had performed surgery. Often blamed for dissatisfaction with himself. But as time goes by Those attitudes

7 Techniques Simple, Helping Longevity

7 Techniques Simple, Helping Longevity

7 Techniques: Simple, Healthy, Helping Longevity Longevity, everyone wants to be healthy. If you wish to believe that Article 3 of the Act requires that health is uncertain because of a “healthy” is what everyone desires. But way easier than asking for that blessing Is to know how to create good health

"Junk food", deterioration of the body

“Junk food”, deterioration of the body

Junk food The truth is that food in general, but when we consume too much, it can accumulate and cause toxic substances. And can cause deterioration to the body 1. White flour, white rice It’s all around food, but eating a lot Can cause harm to health Because

How to wear a black dress, look good

How to wear a black dress, look good

Believe it or not, black is a good choice. It will help drive the skin to be white, clear and delicious, hide the cool as well. Today, Goodlife would like to combine ideas, pick up a black dress and put it to be beautiful. Don’t think too

6 goals to aim for lowering high pressure

6 goals to aim for lowering high pressure

Hypertension It is a serious health threat that is lurking in the health of Thai people more and more. People with high blood pressure. Who have systolic blood pressure greater than 140 mmHg and / or lower systolic blood pressure greater than 90 mmHg as measure in

"Garlic, reduces the risk of cancer"

“Garlic, reduces the risk of cancer”

Garlic, crushed 10 minutes, reduces the risk of cancer Scientists now find that garlic and herbs that smell pungent. It reduces the risk of cancer in high-temperature meats, Protein-rich foods, such as meat and eggs If cooked at high temperatures, it releases a chemical called PhIP, a substance that

"Chapped lips caused by causes"

“Chapped lips caused by causes”

Chapped lips Chapped lips are an essential ingredient on the face that enhances our personalities to look even more attractive. Therefore, when the lips have problems, it is a matter that bothers many people. Common lip problems seem to be inevitable. “Dry, cracked, flaky lips“, especially during winter. Dry

3 compress recipes for toothache

3 compress recipes for toothache

“Toothache” is one of those pain symptoms that no one wants to see. But if it happens to you, don’t worry, we have 3 formulas for compress toothache from the 1001 recipe book near you By the publisher, Reader’s Digest, come to leave you. 1. Do a