Take care of your hair with hair vitamins!

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There are many ways to take care of our hair, which many of you already know. But in this article, I would like to mention only how to take care of your hair with hair vitamins. That there are vitamins and minerals that are essential to our hair. Which many of you probably already know that Just shampoo or conditioner is not enough to make your hair shiny and shiny. Therefore, in terms of nutrition, it is considered to be extremely important to our hair. And the damaged hair cannot be repaired But we were able to grow new and healthy hair.

The first thing to look at is Make sure the food you eat each day. Have you been eating fish, wheat germ, yeast, and soy on a regular basis? Because the vitamins and minerals in these foods are very essential for the maintenance of your hair. And there are other factors that will help improve hair health, such as scalp massage. Using the right shampoo, etc.

What are the forms of vitamins and minerals in dietary supplements? And how is it useful to our hair? The serving size should be in what quantity should be appropriate? And what form of supplement is right for you? Let’s have a look. (P.S. Always keep in mind that Our hair will fall around 50-100 strands a day, this is normal)

Hair vitamins

  1. Vitamins and minerals The supplement is considered essential for the overall basic health of the hair. And also helps many other matters
  2. Anti free radicals The combined formula protects the hair roots from free radicals.
  3. Essential fatty acids Or omega-3 fatty acids, 1,000 mg per day, will help prevent dry, brittle hair and help improve hair condition.
  4. Iron for adults, take 10-15 mg per day. Not getting enough can cause your hair to become deficient in oxygen.
  5. Silica 500 mg per day helps prevent hair loss. Makes hair shiny and shiny.
  6. Zinc  or  zinc for adults, eating 12-15 mg per day will help build protein for the hair. Makes hair strong, not easily brittle.
  7. Selenium for women 50 mcg per day. For men 70 mcg. Helps in hair growth. It protects the hair from deterioration.
  8. The recommended daily dose of copper is 1.5 to 3 mg. For adults. It will help the hair to be black. Not gray before aging Keeps hair healthy and strong. Not brittle and easily broken
  9. Biotin and Inositol 50-100 mg per day help prevent hair loss, nourish hair roots and are important for hair growth.
  10. Coenzyme Q-10 per day, 60 mg. To help increase blood flow to the scalp.
  11. L- Cysteine ​​1,000 mg per day. Protein that is the main component of hair. Help make hair that is dry, brittle, look beautiful and shiny.
  12. Vitamin B complex 50-100 mg per day and Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) Folic acid PABA can also help prevent gray hair. Which are necessary for hair growth
  13. 5,000 IU of vitamin A is the recommended daily intake for adult males and 4,000 IU for females. Will nourish the scalp
  14. Vitamin C and Vitamin E help repair damaged hair. Help to strengthen the hair roots. The reason why hair is brittle and fragile can be due to the lack of these vitamins.
  15. 10,000 IU of beta-carotene per day, which works in conjunction with B vitamins. Makes hair shiny and shiny.