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"Green apple" Good products, good health

“Green apple” Good products, good health

Green apple Help you lose weight Reduce blood sugar, nourish the heart If anyone has ever heard the sentence that An apple a day keeps doctor away eating an apple a day. I do not have to go to the doctor, yes. Today we will introduce the benefits

"Junk food", deterioration of the body

“Junk food”, deterioration of the body

Junk food The truth is that food in general, but when we consume too much, it can accumulate and cause toxic substances. And can cause deterioration to the body 1. White flour, white rice It’s all around food, but eating a lot Can cause harm to health Because

"Garlic, reduces the risk of cancer"

“Garlic, reduces the risk of cancer”

Garlic, crushed 10 minutes, reduces the risk of cancer Scientists now find that garlic and herbs that smell pungent. It reduces the risk of cancer in high-temperature meats, Protein-rich foods, such as meat and eggs If cooked at high temperatures, it releases a chemical called PhIP, a substance that

Rotten beans, probiotic seasoning

Rotten beans, probiotic seasoning

Northerners use rotten beans as a seasoning instead of shrimp paste. In cooking various types of food, such as boiled chili paste, curry, stir fry, for example, lettuce, Kaeng Khae, Kanom Jeen Nam Ngiao. Almost all kinds of chili paste In some areas, such as Mae Hong

"FRUIT & VEGGIE help nourish the eyes"

“FRUIT & VEGGIE help nourish the eyes”

The eyes are a vital and vital organ for all of us, roughly 70-80% of what we perceive. And learn from seeing Clear vision is very important in a healthy life, which, in addition to the eyes, is the window to the heart. It is also the most obvious sign

Reduce eating salty, the pressure does not rise

Reduce eating salty, the pressure does not rise

Both government organizations. Medical departments And network partners Try to campaign on behavior adjustment, reduce eating salty. Which led to birth Hypertension Cardiovascular disease Chronic kidney disease Or even obesity. But many people still do not adjust the salt eating habits Because adhering to the familiar taste of food. Today we offer you a simple

Eat this salad in good shape

Eat this salad in good shape

Known as ‘salad’, although there are lots of vegetables, not every dish is low in calories. Because if other ingredients in there such as salad dressings or other side dishes bring fat. Even if eating salad instead of rice Definitely won’t help me slim Let’s see what kind of