Boost your immune system against COVID-19 with “phytonutrients”

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Phytonutrients. We may think of our duty to fight the virus or the flu. If you do not choose foods that contain nutrients to help strengthen the body’s immune system to work effectively. This is one of the options to reduce the risk of severe symptoms from various viral infections. in modern times

What is a phytonutrient? and the benefits of vegetables and fruits in 5 colors

Biologically active chemicals found only in plants. This group of substances are substances that make plants. Fruits and vegetables have a distinctive color, smell, or taste.

Each color that appears on the surface of vegetables and fruits. There are many health benefits. There are different health care. And prevention mechanisms. The benefits of phytonutrients in 5 colors of fruits and vegetables as follows:

Red contains lycopene and ellagic acid


Antioxidants Help slow down the deterioration of cells. boost immunity in the body Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease Helps improve the health of the prostate, heart and blood vessels.

Found in fruits and vegetables : tomatoes, strawberries, watermelons and red apples, etc.

Orange contains beta-carotene. and Hesperidin

Benefits :

Helps protect cells from free radicals. Helps maintain eye health Inhibit cell degeneration, slow down aging and strengthen the immune system of the body.

Found in fruits and vegetables : oranges, lemons, tamarind, papaya and carrots, etc.

Green contains isoflavones, gCG, lutein/zeaxanthin. and isothiocyanate

Benefits: Helps fight free radicals. Enhance cell health or help slow down the degeneration of cells. Supports arterial function, lung health, and promotes liver function.

Found in fruits and vegetables : broccoli, cabbage, morning glory, kale and gourd, etc.

Purple contains anthocyanin and resveratrol


Antioxidant help the memory heart health support the functioning of the arteries

Found in fruits and vegetables : purple cabbage, grapes and prunes, etc.

White contains allicin and quercetin


Helps to promote bone health. improve blood circulation support the functioning of the arteries It is a good free radical that has the effect of enhancing immunity against viruses, bacteria, fungi and inhibiting cancer cells .

Found in fruits and vegetables : garlic, onions and scallions, etc.

It can be seen that phytonutrients are composed of substances derived from fruits and vegetables that have 5 colors together. Choosing to eat vegetables and fruits that have a variety of colors each day will help us. Get all the benefits of phytonutrients.