Eat this salad in good shape

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Known as ‘salad’, although there are lots of vegetables, not every dish is low in calories. Because if other ingredients in there such as salad dressings or other side dishes bring fat. Even if eating salad instead of rice Definitely won’t help me slim Let’s see what kind of it eating helps to get in shape.

1. Emphasize dark green leafy vegetables : Instead of choosing lettuce. Choose dark, leafy greens like ufabet spinach, broccoli, shredded cabbage, as lettuce contains less nutrients than dark, leafy greens.

2. Don’t forget the brightly colored vegetables : tomatoes, carrots, and mushrooms are loaded with antioxidants. Plus, it contains dietary fiber that helps trap fat and cholesterol.

3. Add Sidee beans : such as red beans, green peas, white beans because they are high in fiber. Plus protein

4. Corn, no more than 2 tablespoons : Even corn has a high nutritional value. But also high in carbohydrates Therefore should not be put too much

5. Fresh fruit is better : try to avoid canned fruit. Or dried fruit Because it has been processed and has high sugar and fresh fruits, you should choose which has less sugar such as guava, apple apple, dragon fruit.

6. No protein deficiency : Add low-fat meats to your salad, such as boiled eggs, ham, chicken breast, fish, or tofu. Will help keep you full longer and faster than eating only vegetables

7.Beware of sprinkles : like sugar coated nuts, bacon, biscuits, they are high in calories and increase the fat content. Even if you eat a small amount

8. The salad dressing must be clear : is a clear salad dressing. Or salad dressing It gives less energy than cream salad dressings that contain mayonnaise and high sugar.