“Garlic, reduces the risk of cancer”

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Garlic, crushed 10 minutes, reduces the risk of cancer

Scientists now find that garlic and herbs that smell pungent. It reduces the risk of cancer in high-temperature meats,

Protein-rich foods, such as meat and eggs If cooked at high temperatures, it releases a chemical called PhIP, a substance that damages DNA (DNA), converting substances in the body into carcinogens. And increases the risk of developing various cancers. Such as breast cancer Colon cancer. It can be diagnose with prostate cancer as well

Recently, the American Association for Cancer Research tested garlic extract against breast cancer cells and found that Diallyl Sulfide. Which is found in garlic. Tt has inhibitory properties. PSI produces carcinogens. Thus reducing the risk of cancer in many organs.

For how to eat garlic to benefit. Pennsylvania State University (The Pennsylvania State University), USA Showed that The heat from the microwave or oven can reduce or destroy the anti-cancer effect in garlic.

With studies showing that Using a microwave for just one minute or a garlic oven for 45 minutes can permanently lose its anti-cancer properties. For chopping or grinding at least 10 minutes before cooking. It triggers the initiation of enzyme secretion reactions to produce a chemical called Allyl Sulfur Compound, which is important for anti-cancer processes.

How to choose

There are 2 types of garlic: Thai garlic and Chinese garlic. Thai garlic small head with a pungent smell, spicy taste, thin skin, large head Chinese garlic, should choose garlic with clear peel. Can be hung in a ventilate area. It will help the garlic not to atrophy.

The best way to preserve the anti-cancer properties in garlic is to chop or grind at least 10 minutes before cooking. Focus on low heat cooking, such as salad dishes, or use garlic as an ingredient in dips.

Several studies agree that The best way to eat anti-cancer fruits and vegetables is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Eat from natural foods More importantly, choose organic fruits and vegetables or wash them thoroughly before eating.

However, the emphasis on eating only one specific type of fruit and vegetables is important. May not help fight cancer As expected, it is best to eat a variety of whole grains, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Especially fruits and vegetables that are known to help fight cancer. This is probably the best approach.