Is eating seafood really anti-obesity?

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Is eating seafood really anti-obesity? Many people do not dare to eat seafood. for fear of high cholesterol This may be due to the confusion between the terms “calories” and “cholesterol”, which leads to a misunderstanding. high energy seafood In fact, when compared to pork or beef, seafood is considered to provide less energy. It’s also a good source of cholesterol (good fats) and minerals that help you burn energy.

Techniques for eating seafood to lose weight

Seafood contains many nutrients and minerals. That helps to stimulate the body to burn more food. But there is a limitation. Eating too much has a negative effect. But if you don’t eat at all, it’s not good anymore. So we have a simple technique. To eat seafood to lose weight to leave.

  1. Replace your dinner with fish seafood such as steamed sea bass with lemon, tom yam grouper, salmon steak, and tuna salad. Eat with fresh or poached vegetables. Instead of pork or beef dishes and all kinds of starchy foods It will help you control your weight more easily. But the important thing is Try to avoid being fried. Because the oil will give your seafood a higher energy immediately.
  2. Limit the number of shellfish or shell seafood such as shrimp, crayfish, squid, shellfish, and crabs. This type of seafood should be eaten 1-2 times a week and should not exceed 100 – 200 grams or equivalent as follows:
  • Shrimp no more than 5 – 6 mediums / time
  • Crayfish, crab or squid, not more than 1-2 mediums / time
  • No more than 1 – 2 oysters/time

But if eating many things together, choose a little bit of each one is enough.

For people with high cholesterol content. Avoid seafood with shell or shell. and eat fish Because it’s the best and safest for your health. It also helps nourish the brain.

In fact, all food, if we know the proportions that the body needs or eat in moderation. not too much, not too little In addition to reducing the rate of excess diseases, it is also unexpectedly useful. Seafood this season Those who haven’t dared to try seafood will feel more at ease. and can eat various kinds of seafood more deliciously