Reduce eating salty, the pressure does not rise

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Both government organizations. Medical departments And network partners Try to campaign on behavior adjustment, reduce eating salty. Which led to birth Hypertension Cardiovascular disease Chronic kidney disease Or even obesity. But many people still do not adjust the salt eating habits Because adhering to the familiar taste of food. Today we offer you a simple way to change your eating habits. Try to do it in your daily life to reduce salinity and reduce sodium intake as follows. 

1) First understand that Suggestions for sodium intake Should not exceed 2,000 milligrams per day. While an over-the-counter diet per serving may already provide 600 to 1,500 milligrams of sodium per serving. Which means Variations in sodium content are relatively large from commercially available foods. Therefore should use the method to reduce as much as possible. And control without letting go through often In every meal that has been eaten

2) Reduce salty cooking, add fish sauce, chili, fish sauce, soy sauce and various dipping sauces from the old behavior, for  example, from the usual 3 teaspoons add, it was reduce to 1-2 teaspoons or changed from adding a tablespoon at a time. A teaspoon is even better.

3) Reduce the behavior of dipping sauce Just dip a half pieces  as previously dip roast beef dip and soak them in sauce. Reduced as a dip to the skin Or half plated Or only partially dipped Do not let soak in the sauce until soaked. Or scoop the sauce with the tip of a spoon to put on the meat to eat instead of dipping

4) Consider the ingredients before making a decision Beware of eating redundant high-sodium foods. Such as spicy salted egg salad and pork yolk,. It can be seen that there are two types of process products, salt eggs and yolks. Which contain higher sodium content than regular eggs and fresh pork. It is advisable to choose only one for consumption. And another change to be meat or food from natural sources. Such as Salted Egg Salad, Moo Yor, changed to Fried Egg Salad with Vietnamese Sausage or Salt Egg Salad with Pork / Minced Pork instead, etc.

5) Reduce the amount of drinking soup. Or pour water to stir fry Mixed salad with rice  Because in these flavor waters there is a high content of sodium. If you want to drink it, but it is enough. Not too much or sip all the way

We now have dietary guidelines not to get too much salty sodium. Until the risk of developing physical health problems