Rotten beans, probiotic seasoning

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Northerners use rotten beans as a seasoning instead of shrimp paste. In cooking various types of food, such as boiled chili paste, curry, stir fry, for example, lettuce, Kaeng Khae, Kanom Jeen Nam Ngiao. Almost all kinds of chili paste

In some areas, such as Mae Hong Son, it is popular to eat ferment beans. The ingredients in the fermentation, there are dried chili, garlic and ginger for a rich taste. And aromatic than normal rotten peas Mae Hong Son people prefer to boil fermented beans. And put them in the firewood rice.

It is assumed that peanut rot is widespread in the north. The population of Tai Lue, Tai Yai, Tai Khoen, Tai Yon, and ufabet Thai people. In addition, neighbors of Thailand such as Burma also prefer to eat rotten beans, called Bebo.

How do 

Wash the soybean seeds in water thoroughly. And soak in water for one night to soften the beans Then bring the soybeans to wash in the water Leave it to drain. Then bring it to a boil in boiling water for 4-6 hours until the beans are rotting.

Next, place the boil beans in a basket, basket or baskets and cover them with tight banana leaves or banana leaves. Look for the lid of the pot or a heavy stick over another layer. Marinate the beans for 2 or 3 nights. The beans will start to rot. And slightly smelly, called Rotten beans, looks like soybean paste, but without water, can be use for cooking, such as stir-fried with eggs, shallots, garlic and meat. This menu is called Roasted Nuts.

If pounding the rotten beans thoroughly Add a little water To make a tough nut wet rot called tooa Roemer or tooa as It will be processed into tooa sheet must ferment for another two days and then pounded thoroughly. Spread out into a sheet to dry in the sun. Will make it look a little flexible And turn brown Will be light or dark depending on the fermentation time.

Rotten peas can be eaten as a snack. Just bring it to roast to make it yellow. Will have rotten beans, crispy, fragrant, used as a side dish in meals like pork rind

RESEARCH UPDATE EAT Rotten Beans Reduce Triglycerides

Institute of Food Research and Product Development Kasetsart University Study of the benefits of pea rot found that Helping the blood triglyceride levels of lab rats. Significantly reduced When rats ate rotten peas for 4-8 consecutive weeks, when triglyceride levels were reduced. It reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, paralysis and paralysis.

THAI PROBIOTIC Eat rotten beans, add good bacteria, help the digestive system

In the fermentation process, pea rot contains microbes, namely bacteria of Bacillus spp. Which are already found in the environment and raw materials. This bacteria contains enzymes that digest proteins in soy. To have smaller molecules The rotten beans have a soft texture and good taste. It also produces Pyrazine, a substance that causes peanuts to have a unique odor. Fermentation of rotten beans is different from miso soy sauce, because it does not add salt during fermentation, so it is good for health.

If you want to eat rotten beans to benefit from Probiotic microorganisms are recommend to be cooked without heat, such as chili paste, fresh vegetables, blanch vegetables.