Shimeji mushrooms, stronger you are youthful skin

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Shimeji mushroom is a cheap mushroom. easy to buy and delicious with every menu There are many varieties of this mushroom in Japan that are delicious. Let’s get to know different types of Shimeji mushrooms. And many health benefits that make me want to eat every day

Get to know different varieties of shimeji mushrooms, wild shimeji or Hon-shimeji (本しめじ).

This species is a species that grows in the red pine forests. They are quite large, ranging from 5-13 cm. The mushroom cap is plump and quite large. In the past, this variety was quite difficult to buy, but now this mushroom can be cultivated and sold under the name Daikokumoto Shimeji (大黒本しめじ).

Bunashimeji (ぶなしめじ)

This shimeji mushroom is cultivated and commercially available. The name Buna is the name of the tree that Japanese people use to cultivate this mushroom, Beech or Buna. Shimeji mushrooms are delicious and have a crunchy texture.

White Shimeji Mushroom (ホワイトぶなしめじ)

This mushroom is white. It has a mild bitterness and a mild flavor.

Hiratake (ひらたけ)

Shimeji mushrooms are gray in color. The mushrooms are quite blooming. Japanese people like to bring young mushrooms to sell as Shimeji.

Shimeji Mushroom Benefits

Shimeji is a mushroom that is rich in dietary fiber and important substances that help prevent the following diseases caused by everyday life.

Beta- glucan  β- Glucan),  which stimulates the immune system cells. To trap and destroy foreign matter, including bacteria and viruses. that enters the body including free radicals that occur As a result, the body is strong and does not get sick easily.

New acids Goa Malik  (Guanylic acid)  , a substance that has a specific taste umami. This substance helps prevent arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure, and also helps to remove toxins from the body.

Terry climb  ( Terpenes )  , a substance that provides the bitter taste that is unique in the SPD chip mushrooms. This substance has the effect of inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells and also has an effect in preventing stroke and myocardial infarction.

Vitamin B2,  which will help enhance the metabolism of body fat, resulting in not easy to gain weight. and help maintain the beauty of the skin nails and hair

Dietary Fiber  Shimeji mushrooms are as high in fiber as sweet potatoes. Eating mushrooms regularly helps prevent constipation and colon cancer, and prevents the rise of cholesterol levels in the blood due to the binding of dietary fats to dietary fat. that are eaten and then excreted through the feces