3 compress recipes for toothache

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“Toothache” is one of those pain symptoms that no one wants to see. But if it happens to you, don’t worry, we have 3 formulas for compress toothache from the 1001 recipe book near you By the publisher, Reader’s Digest, come to leave you.

1. Do a warm compress with a tea bag.

Bring tea bags soaked in hot water. Then the water rises and rest until warm. Then apply a compress to the cheek Painful area Tea contains tannins that help reduce swelling. And helps to get rid of pain for a while

2. Compress with vinegar + black pepper.

Cut a 2×2 inch piece of paper dipped in vinegar. Then sprinkle black pepper on one side of the paper. And apply it to the affected cheek. The warm feeling from the ingredients on the paper. It will help reduce toothache.

3. Make a compress with a cloth wrapped in a small ice cube.

Bring small ice cubes Put in a plastic bag Then take a thin cloth. To wrap another layer And apply it to the tooth Spokes that hurting for about 15 minutes, the pain will gradually subside.

In addition, taking care of the cleanliness of the oral cavity regularly. And seeing a dentist on a regular basis every 6 months can help you stay away from a toothache.