3 ways to increase height Of each age, it is not difficult to do by yourself

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Many young people ever want to increase their height. Some people feel that they are too small or too short. Not confident in myself Which time we lose confidence Will affect our actions Both our gestures and personalities will also be lost. So today we compiled a way to increase the height. By the way, this is included. You can do it yourself at home. In which we will share ways to increase the height for 2 large groups of people, that is, the group of people whose bones are not yet closed. (Younger than 25 years) and people who are already mature The bone has closed itself. Can not enlarge the bones again (over 25 years old), which group of people in which Can follow the method of that group

How to increase height for people whose bones are not closed

     Increasing the height of this group will focus on ufabet increasing the length of the bones. For people younger than 25 years, the bone has not yet closed, it can enlarge the bone. Where the bones can be longer It will depend on 3 main factors which are

1. Food

     For the first story You have to focus on eating foods that are rich in calcium. We should consume about 800-1000 mg of calcium per day. Many people may know that eating milk is high, but many people do not know how many boxes to eat. What size would be suitable enough We also recommend that in a carton of milk, it generally contains about 250 milligrams of calcium per box. In middle school or high school age May need about 1000 mg of calcium per day. That is, you should drink about 2 – 4 boxes of milk per day. In the working age, they consume a little less milk because the body is past its peak growth period. May need about 800 mg of calcium per day, which is about 2-3 boxes of milk.

2. Exercise

     Exercises that include a lot of stretching exercises, such as playing basketball, skipping rope, can help increase your height. But be warned that you must be careful when jumping rope. You should jump no more than 2 inches off the ground. Causing the bones to not grow For the right amount of exercise, it is 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.

3. Hormones

     Hormones related to height We recommend stimulating hormones in the body by the sun during 06:00 – 8:00 am during this time the sunlight is good. Does not contain radiation that is harmful to the body Which the body can convert cholesterol into vitamin D. And plays an important role in helping calcium absorption Strengthens the bones In addition, you have to go to bed early before 22:00 because the human body at night. Around midnight until 3:00 AM, a hormone called growth hormone is released. Which growth hormone is a growth hormone Staying up late will prevent growth hormones from being released. Which will make us not tall Does not grow And a short one Sleeping around 3-4 pm is considered the best time.

How to increase height for people with closed bones

     For this group is the group over 25 years old, this group of people is already closed. You cannot increase your height by stretching the bones any more, but you can increase your height by other methods

1.Bending back

     Usually, the spine of a person is not quite straight. There are still a few bends. This method of bending the back is a way to help increase the height some By letting us kneel Then reached out to grab the heels of her feet gradually, Ann lay down to the back Hold for a moment This method will allow you to increase your height by 1-2 centimeters, but the height will not be permanent. Will only be temporary

2. Try to keep your back straight.

     Whether it’s walking or sitting Try to keep your back straight Do not walk after bending. Because standing back straight with the chest and shoulders open, it can increase the height by about 1-3 centimeters.

3.Heel pad

     Of course, the girls It may be wearing high heels to add height to the body, which is normal. But men can also increase their height by using heel pads. Which can be used with many types of shoes And can also increase the height as needed