5 ways to treat snoring by yourself Stop simple symptoms Can sleep soundly all night long

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Considered a very common problem in Thai people Especially the elderly for snoring symptoms The cause of snoring comes from a lot of reasons. If we are having problems with snoring Or that the person next to him snores What can I do to make this symptom go away? Today we have to see how to cure ufabet snoring. 

Causes of snoring


     Because when you get older The muscles around our neck are slack down. Making the weather difficult to travel Comparable to a squeezed hose Making the water difficult to flow Because the wind is unable to flow in its normal way And therefore a tremor in the throat Causing the sound of snoring to come up

2. Clogged

     Something is blocking our airways, such as some tonsils. Some people are overweight Some people have a tumor Cyst in the area of ​​the respiratory tract Causing the sound of snoring to follow as well

5 ways to treat snoring by yourself

     Snoring is divided into dangerous and non-dangerous. It is not dangerous. We may snore a little, the sound is not very loud. No symptoms of fatigue during the day. Felt that he had a good sleep I didn’t have any problems. But the sound of our snoring may be a little disturbing to sleepers. This kind of snoring is not dangerous. In which this kind of harmless snoring We can heal by ourselves in just 5 ways.

1. Lie on your side

     Adjust the behavior by lying on your side and head about 30 degrees or slightly elevated. Because lying on your back will cause our muscles, including the tongue, to fall into the airways. And caused a snoring sound Therefore, we should adjust it to sleep on our side. So the muscles do not fall under the force of gravity. Causing no snoring to follow As for anyone who may be wondering that he is addicted to lying on his back What should I do? It is recommended that we take a bolster to help practice sleeping on your side. By which we hugged the bolster Will make it easier for us to sleep on our side 

2. Choose a pillow 

     Choose a pillow that is not too soft and not too hard. There are many brands of pillows for health in the market. May try to buy and use it. Because we use pillows that are too soft Will make our heads not raised But if the pillow is too hard Will bend our respiratory tubes Like a drinking straw that it bends And may cause the sound of snoring to follow

3. Avoid sleeping pills and alcohol

     Because the sleeping pills and intoxicated drinks Will affect the mechanism of snoring Which is caused by an abnormally looseness of the muscles The more we use drugs or drink them, the more muscle they will loosen. Will make snoring worse than before 


     Exercise will help make our muscles stronger. The muscles in the neck that had previously been slackened will become tense. And helps reduce snoring naturally By exercise Should be issued at least 30 minutes, all 5 days a week, sure enough.

5. Lose weight

     A last resort for people who are overweight. If we feel that we are a lot of weight, we have to lose weight. Because those who are heavy will have a lot of fat. And fat will mask in various parts of the body and cause obstruction of breathing, which is the cause of snoring. And here are the causes and solutions for low risk or harmless snoring. But if we are a person with dangerous snoring It should have to go to the hospital for treatment urgently. By the state of dangerous snoring Can cause complications And if left, it will cause harm to the body such as ischemic heart disease. Hypertension Cerebrovascular disease or narrowing

In which people with dangerous snoring are There is a very loud snoring. Even if the room door is closed People outside the room could still hear. In this way, I have to go to the hospital to check for further treatment. Which may be caused by abnormal tonsils Or that there is something blocking our airways The next symptom is tired during the day. Has symptoms of apnea during sleep All of the symptoms listed are those at high risk of developing dangerous snoring. If there is even only one of these symptoms We recommend that you go to the hospital to consult a specialist immediately.