8 ways to say goodbye to back pain

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Back pain can happen to anyone. whether male or female Or even the youngest people, it may happen. Back pain can occur for a variety of reasons, for example, certain behaviors can cause pain, frequent lifting of heavy objects, bending over, taking the wrong position, or sitting at a chair for long periods of time. When it happens, the pain is repeated. which is definitely not good So today we have 10 ways to escape back pain for you. Let’s try to apply it.

1. Reduce weight 

to help reduce the weight of the muscles and spine. The ideal weight can be calculated simply by subtracting 100 for height (for men) and 110 for women.

2. Adjust your posture accordingly

Sit with your butt against the back of the chair. and adjust the height of the chair so that your feet fit perfectly on the floor To reduce the weight of the thigh and spinal muscles, stand with a low horse to hold one foot higher. to help reduce the sagging of the back When you feel tired, switch sides. Sleep. If lying flat, find a pillow under your knees to adjust your spine to the floor. But if you sleep on your side, put a bolster under your upper leg. To maintain the shape of the spine and muscles straight, not twisting.

3. Choose a table – chair – bed 

If the table is too high or too low. When working, you have to raise your arms high. or placing the arms in an unusually low line which causes back pain in the shoulder and scapula area The table should be chosen to have the right hand level. The chair should have the depth of the seat from the back relative to the length of the legs from the buttocks to the crook of the knees. to help gain proper weight not tired when sitting in bed Should choose a mattress that is soft but firm, the bed floor is flat, not sagging because it will cause the back to bend. and finally back pain.

4. Troubled shoes 

The soles of the feet are the weight-bearing points. Therefore, the insole should be curved to support the shape of your foot. For example, if the paws are flat, the shoe must have arch support to help support the bones in the instep of the high arch. It must have a high enough weight of the paw pads. To help divide the weight of the heel and the side of the foot, the girls who wear high heels will make the body abnormal while standing because they have to bend their backs to adjust their balance in the center of gravity. make thigh muscles And hips must bear a lot of weight and back pain is best to avoid. but if unavoidable You should find time to rest your feet by wearing flat shoes or taking off your shoes at regular intervals.

5. Bent – Can’t be neglected

Should bend knees and lift things on the floor. This will help the muscles and spine in the back do not have to carry a lot of weight. so no back pain If you choose to stand up and lift things There may be a risk of vertebral or disc herniation. which is very dangerous.

6. Stressed, back hurts

Stress causes stiffness and pain in the muscles of the upper back and nape of the neck. Just relax and it’s gone.

7. How is calcium related?

If the bone mass is thin, it can cause back pain because the bone has to bear a lot of weight. Therefore, enough calcium should be supplemented from a young age. The daily intake of calcium should be at least 800-1000 mg and should be increased in pregnant women. Breastfeeding or the elderly The calcium that you get should be calcium from natural foods.

8. Exercise can help

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Then raise your shoulder blades like a sit-up. Hold for 5 seconds and then relax. Do the same 10-15 times a day to help strengthen your abdominal muscles and flatten your abdomen. Helps support the spine when carrying weight.