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5 "nutrients for acne inflammation"

5 “nutrients for acne inflammation”

Acne isn’t just for teenagers. Because of the fact that acne can depend on the body of people at any age. The cause of acne may be from an imbalance of hormones in the body or caused by the oil glands producing too much oil. This makes pores

Eat this salad in good shape

Eat this salad in good shape

Known as ‘salad’, although there are lots of vegetables, not every dish is low in calories. Because if other ingredients in there such as salad dressings or other side dishes bring fat. Even if eating salad instead of rice Definitely won’t help me slim Let’s see what kind of

Why eating 2: 1: 1 can reduce "belly"

Why eating 2: 1: 1 can reduce “belly”

Eating using a 2: 1: 1 formula is eating a food according to a formula that determines. The right amount of food in each meal. Thereby reducing the belly and reducing the risk of various diseases. By dividing the portion of the plate (9 inches diameter) into 4